From doomed to riding

I first became acquainted with Vibeke about a year ago. I had previously had different horse chiropractors for my horse, but still didn’t feel like he was 100%. Since several others in the stables spoke highly of Vibeke I chose to have her come out. Here she corrected my horse’s SI joint and my horse became noticeably better and could gallop correctly with its right hind leg again.

In May he got an injury in his right hind leg, by the code level where the flexor tendon is attached. He went through every examination and treatment possible, MRI scan at Højgaard, Tildren treatment, joint treatments… You name it.

He just will not move at 100%. Both my own vet and the vet from Højgaard are pulling out their hair, because they both agree that the damage should be relatively easy to get over.

In January we went for another check-up, and the vet concluded that we simply had exhausted the treatment options. I was told that he could be a leisure and trail horse, since he is not lame on straight track, but could never be a riding horse, so he would leave it up to me whether I would put him down.

I went home frustrated, because they had promised that he would recover fully.

For the few days, I thought about whether I could be so “lucky” that it was just his SI joint? It was worth a try, we had to try everything.

So I called Vibeke and tell her about my frustrating situation. She comes out, and sure enough, the SI joint was misaligned again. She corrected it and suddenly the horse can walk straight again.

I rehabilitated the horse with one month of walking and trot booms, as well as picnics and easy riding.

I trained him with one month of steps and bars, trails and light riding.

To be sure that everything was the way it was supposed to be, we had a checkup after a month. He moved correctly and the vet has given the okay for him to be used as a riding horse. Time will tell if the injury will allow him to be a jumping horse again, but I now have a horse that can walk straight and can ride, whether it is a MB or LC-jump, the injury will decide.

I am very grateful that I knew about Vibeke; otherwise it could have ended with me putting down my beloved horse.

Tanja Batko / February 2014

“I just have to tell you that whatever you do – it works! My horse made a perfect transition to canter to the right in longe today, and he has better balance to the right than left! The trot is still not completely clean, but definitely better and when I rode to him afterwards, he actually went straight! I hope that you will come and give him a check-up again soon!

Signe, Horsens

Hi Vibeke, just a little note from Thorndals Celina. Only with your help did I dare to buy a crooked 3 year old horse. The lady is now 5 years old and does LA jumps. No problems and was examined by a vet last November, where she got a great deal of praise. Thanks you to your help it was possible for me to own such a good horse.



Minna, Ringsted




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