My biggest inspiration in equine-treatment has been brought to me by Håkan Lundell. He taught me about the sacroiliac joint and how to correct it.

My view on horses, their behavior, muscle building, gait, riding problems and other problems changed radically. I received tools to help with these problems.

It has taken a lot of practice and extra studies to optimize my treatment, but it is definitely worth it!

For me it is not a matter of correcting a horse that gives the treatment value; anyone can do it. It is in the hands, the inexplicable intuitive feeling that gives good results.

What does it take for this horse? How much treatment does it need? I sense when the horse is healed when I see it being walked by the owner through the stables.




My treatment of horses with movement issues is based on the following:

→ Acupuncture diploma from Denmark’s leading acupuncture school “Helseskolen i Søborg”, a 3-year education, that consist of the teachings of acupuncture and extensive knowledge and insight in anatomy, physiology and pathology.

→ Diploma in Equine massage

→ Courses in kinesiology – teachings about the energy bands of the body – meridians

→ Trained in physical manipulation by Håkon Lundell, an accomplished Swedish chiropractor and author of the book “Vad er det för fel på hästen?”


My focus is to treat horses with injuries stemming from an imbalance or misalignment in the sacroiliac joint, but I ended up with this focus by accident!

Some years back I got a phone call from a friend, who had read the book “Vad er det för fel på hästen” (“What is wrong with the horse”) and had booked a treatment for her horse in Sweden with the Swedish equine-therapist Håkan Lundell. My friend’s horse had been lame for a long time, but reacted quickly and positively to the treatment of the sacroiliac join. I was impressed by the result and I befriended Håkon developed, who allowed me to participate, learn his technique and use it in my own treatment plans.

For the past 4 years I have had really good results with this technique, combined with the other treatment I use to help a horse’s movement apparatus.

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